Cattery «Musilden» was officially registered in 2015 in the WCF system.
The name comes from two words: «MUSSIE» – the name of my first cat, «Den» – from engl. «cave».
We are engaged in breeding of cats of breed:
– Scottish-straight (scottish shorthair);
– Scottish-fold (scottish lop-eared);
– Highland-straight (scottish longhair);
– Highland-fold (scottish fold longhair).
All the animals of the cattery are in the Krivoy Rog club of cat lovers «Irbis».
They are surrounded by attention, love and care, feed only super-premium class food.
Our main goal is the birth of a healthy offspring that conforms to the breed standard.
Our animals constantly take part in cat shows.
They get good grades, descriptions from experts, well-deserved titles.
They also receive prizes in WCF rings and monobreed shows.
On our site you can see all the animals, as well as buy a kitten.
With respect, owner of the cattery, Kirill Savitskiy.